The rural and natural character of the land. The place where rolling mountains meets Pacific Ocean and deep blue waters stretches for miles along most scenic and undeveloped coastline. The most photogenic rocky vistas that I have ever seen with the sunsets to die for. It is a popular destination for exploring the nature: camping, hiking, beach walking or even gray whale watching. Paradise for nature lovers like me.

I have been to Big Sur about 5 times already. I was even lucky to get married here! Doesn’t matter which time I visit, I seem to discover more and more of it’s secrets. This place never gets old.

On the 25th of August 2017, Travis and I eloped by Big Sur river in Glen Oaks Big Sur lodge. It was an unforgettable experience and most beautiful place to unite our love.
Afterwards we decided to extend our trip and stay longer to explore more of the surroundings. Both quickly decided on camping and settled in for a few more days.

Armed with photo camera and joined by our new friends, an Australian couple, we set on an adventures.

Big Sur is very easy to photograph. Everywhere you look, you’ll find most stunning views.
The flora and fauna is so diverse and close up here. The cliffs and beaches are full of succulents and my favorite ice plants. Look one way and you’ll find deers casually wondering by, turn the other way and make sure not to step on the Pacific Poison Oak that causes itching and allergic rashes. But hey, who doesn’t like risking ;).

It is a truly magnificent place that you must see at least once in your lifetime.