Some years ago, I joined couple of my friends on their holiday to California. What started as an innocent road trip from San Francisco, across the Pacific Highway 1, down to Los Angeles, and then back north via Las Vegas, Death Valley and Yosemite Park, blossomed into a deep and hearty relationship. I fell head over heels in love with Cali vibes: curious people, fantastic food, music, brown hills, most glorious sunsets and vibrant culture, not to mention large parking spaces! California simply stole my heart! Ever since, I went back at least once a year.
None of this would have happened without help, advice and encouragement from two people who are very dear to me. I am very lucky to be friends with the coolest American couple who owns an amazing house in Berkeley hills. They let me stay at The Palace and be ‘the Queen’. Without the doubt this privilege adds more personal touch to my Californian experience. The touch that makes me feel like at home.
Every time I go to California, I know I will be photographing heaven!