They say “everything happens for a reason”. Not sure if I should, but I believe in it.
We have no way of knowing future, explain the past or present, so we tend to look for meanings. It’s nature. Perhaps, at times, our desires alter our behaviors, and perhaps unintentionally the outcome appears surprisingly positive.

I have never imagined that I will live in the place that resembles my childhood dream. The dream I told no one about. I envisioned wooden cabin by the lake, surrounded by forest and mountains. My husband and I are sitting by the fireplace and our dog is flopping near by. Not too much to ask for, right? :) Well it all came true.

It took plentiful of ups and downs to get here but now, that I look back, I see the pattern that brought me here. The passion for travel, adventures, exploring, nature love and tendency to surround myself with like-minded people. This is what brought my husband Travis and I together!

These photos are from my trips to Lake Tahoe before I moved here. I travelled from London to California to visit Travis and our lovely dog Tyson. These are our little adventures.

Everything happens  for a reason but life can also be highly meaningful even if some things that happen are just accidents.