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Meeting Katie and Andy was a huge reminder of my 2 year long distance relationship that turned out in success. Statistics say that only 20% of LDR (long distance relationships) survive and I was so happy to meet someone I could relate to.

After 4 years of dating, Katie and Andy planned a trip to Burney Falls/ Lassen National Park. One morning on the way to the waterfall, Andy picked up a fight with Katie and she thought he was being annoying for no reason. But this was only cover up! When they got to the waterfall, Andy asked her to help him put an ND filter (yes they are an amazing photographers!) on his camera and got down with his backpack. He pulled a box out of his backpack and she couldn’t believe he was actually asking! He said: “Will you do me the honor of being stuck with me for the rest of your life?” Katie was so blown away that she even forgot to say YES! Apparently she even got down on the knee too :))))

This is where I started crying reading their story. Making memories for Katie and Andy was such an honor. We met in Yosemite Valley and straight away I felt like I knew them for ages!

Talking about an adventurous couples. These two climbed over the tree logs, stood on the high cliffs and still had a huge smiles on their faces. This is what I call LOVE!

xoxo Yosemite